In May, 2017, Amigos de Animales in conjuction with Santuario Felino Rey Ashoka, began an educational program in the local kindergartens  in San Miguel. The project’s  primary goals are to create animal awareness and to teach the young children the respect for, sensitivity to, and proper care of domestic animals.


We begin by introducing  live animals such as kittens, puppies, birds, fish, turtles , maybe  a goat and who knows what else!  These are informal and lightly structured classes, where  the children have the opportunity to actively participate.  Their excitement , as they  bond with the animals and gain this new information, is contagious.


It is our hope that they share their enthusiasm with their families, and to that end, we send  each child home with an Amigos  coloring book and two pamphlets to “Como cuidar a tu mascota” and “Porque esterilizar”.  We return the following week where the children share their experiences at home and are proud to receive their diplomas.

This is very satisfying work for us, and yet we know that this is a work in progress, and as we continue to learn from the children, we will continually improve.

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