Board of Directors

Amigos de Animales, San Miguel de Allende, MexicoAmigos de Animales San Miguel de Allende consists of six officers and a Board of Directors and a variable number of members and volunteers all of whom work without remuneration.

An annual independent audit is made to assure the transparency of the Association.

Board Officers
Claudia Chavarria, President
Guadalupe Ramirez, Vice President
Jayne Halle, Secretary
Michael A Friedman, Treasurer
Dena Gustus-Cruz, Fundraising
Mary Finley, Marketing
Teresa Shepro, Felines 

Susan Uhl, Blitz Cordinator

Bob Sylvor

Honorary Members
Susan O’Neal
Barbara Laden

We will always be grateful to Arno K. Naumann, Founder and President Emeritus


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