Mobile Clinic:

Our mobile clinic serves Colonias and the Campo, usually twice each month, where our services are badly needed.  There they perform sterilizations and give treatment to dogs and cats in need.

In addition Amigos sometimes makes the mobile clinic available to other organizations.

Telephone # 120-0735 M -F 8:00 AM to 1 PM – leave a message and phone number if you would like to organize a blitz in your area.

We are grateful to the Estate of A. Bea Wood and the San Miguel Community Foundation for making our dream of a Mobile Clinic a reality.


Amigos holds two or three major weekend sterilization campaigns per year, where about 300 dogs and cats are spayed or neutered each time by volunteer Vets.  These are well advertised in advance.   Donations are encouraged but no pet is ever turned away whose owner cannot afford to pay.

Contact us:

Call us at #120-0735  Monday through Friday 8:00- 13:00.  At other times, please leave a message.

Each failure to save a dog or cat is heartbreaking,
but every success is strong motivation to keep fighting the odds.

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