• Amigos de Animales, San Miguel de AllendeThe Association of Amigos de los Animales de San Miguel de Allende, AC was  incorporated in  October, 2001.
  • Amigos de los Animales began sterilization blitzes two to three times a year, sterilizing approximately 200-300 dogs and cats each weekend.
  • An agreement prepared and presented by Amigos and signed by the Municipality in 2002 established the only method allowed to sacrifice dogs brought into the Pound by Ecología was by lethal injection preceded by total anesthesia, the medicines to be provided by Amigos at no charge.This finally put an end to the inhumane method of electrocution.
  • Paid for and built cages for the police dogs in 2007.
  • Made physical improvements to the Municipal Pound in 2008.
  • Was successful in getting law approved by the Municipality forbidding the sale of animals in public places in January 2008.
  • Amigos Vets temporarily moved their sterilization clinic to the Pound to ensure that no animal suffers. For the first time, dogs were  adopted out, thanks to Amigos and their Vets.  All dogs adopted from Amigos are delivered sterilized, vaccinated and de-parasited with a contract of adoption and registration.
  • Was successful in getting law approved by the Municipality in July 2009 which extended the time dogs were to be held at the Pound before being euthanized from 3 to 5 natural days.
  • In 2010, made possible by a bequest from A. Bea Wood and a grant by the San Miguel Community Foundation, Amigos was able to buy and refurbish what is now a fully equipped Mobile Clinic that travels to the outlying areas to sterilize companion animals belonging to low income nationals.
  • In July 2013 Amigos started operations in a beautiful new Clinic in San Rafael, offered by Delphine Schiavone and Roberto Medina.  Low cost sterilizations and routine medical care for the pets of low income families were offered.  Unfortunately, because of lack of funds, we were unable to continue at the Clinic, and we have returned to our original mission of sterilizations only.  We continue to go to the Campo in the mobile clinic and offer two or three blitzes a year in the Center.
  • More than 21,000 dogs and cats were sterilized by the end of 2018
  • In May, 2017 , Amigos de Animales in conjuction with Santuario Felino Rey Ashoka began visiting each Monday the kindergartens of the local schools in San Miguel to create animal awareness and to teach, through  interactive classes,  respect for, sensitivity to and the proper care of domestic animals.
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